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About Yorkshire Mill Shops

Here at Yorkshiremillshops we offer a range of products and services online, from Bespoke bed linen, to Villas in Spain.

Our bed linen is made high up in the Pennine hills, in what was once the heart of the textile industry. Here you will find an old brick mill where the workers once started their day at 6 o'clock in the morning, before the advent of automation and high-speed machines.

Today, nothing much has changed. As you climb the old wooden stairs that leads to the top floor, you walk in the footsteps of workers long gone, to the cutting room where the present day workers still lay the fabric by hand and cut the products using shears instead of electric knives.

Round Bed Sheets, Electric Bed Sheets, Extra large Sheets, Special Size Bed Sheets offer no obstacle for the company.

We offer a range of fabrics from the finest 200 thread (countable) Egyptian Cotton, to the standard or Percale Polyester/Cotton in a total of 85 shades, all made to your choice of size and style.

The Thread count refers to the number of actual threads contained in one square inch of fabric. We add the number across and down the fabric, not the number of strands within each thread, which would give an inflated total. Obviously there is a limit to the number of threads that you can weave into a sq. Inch or 2.5cm.